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Dec. 8th, 2013

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May. 8th, 2013

[[ Throne Room Militance ]]

This has been a project that has been long underway, and I finally had the time to put it together the way I've wanted to for a long time.

My two favourite colours, black and red.

The walls in my apartment are a light brown colour.
This is my room all taped up for painting.


Started with the red, at 10pm

Started the black around 1:00

Took off the mid section of tape and started cutting sections of wallpaper to put up

Took off all the rest of the tape, cleaned up and went to bed at 3:30am

I finally framed Pendulum poster that I got signed by Rob and Gareth at this show; the first time I ever saw Pendulum live.

My room during the day

Painted one of my giant corkboards black for all my little random notes.
Also put one of those snake, clip-on lamps

I still have a few things left to do before it's completely done; but as it stands, this is it right now.

Mar. 25th, 2013

[[ Photos: DVBBS - Mar.15.2013]]

Mar. 21st, 2013

[[ Photos: Hollywood Undead - Mar.20.2013]]

Feb. 8th, 2013

[[ MDMA ]]

As most of you on my Facebook have seen today, I walked out on my job at Oak Ridges.

This has been a long time coming, to be honest.

I have left multiple times in tears, and have been close for along time on just walking out mid-shift. But I know if I was the opposing, I would be getting screwed, so I was reluctant to just leave.

I never really wanted to work there, but I did because my boss needed people. I wanted hours, they were available; but before even working there I had heard that it was completely different from Aurora.

When I first started there, it was unorganized and no one had any idea what they were doing. We had a chef that didn't even know how to make rice. That's probably one of the easiest things to make.

There was chef there that worked with us in Aurora and he left to work at Oak Ridges, for whatever reason.

Ever since working in Aurora, he picked on me, and it was clear that he just wanted to be on top. He's supremely nit-picky, about everything. Upon hire, I worked two days a week doing dishes. When I was promoted to chef he went behind my back to another chef, saying things about me. Basically that I was unprofessional and I had no experience. Before said promotion, I had about eight years food-handling and restaurant experience.

He hated, that my chef jacket was black and not white like the rest of the crew.

When I started working in Oak Ridges, the scenario was the same. Eventually he went to one of the maitre'd's and talked to them about me. Of course they told me, cause her and I were pretty good friends. He always went on to everybody that he was such a team player, helping out where he could and giving pointers. him giving pointers is basically him doing the job and telling you what to do. Last I heard, team players, don't talk shit about their team mates.

In Aurora, I've been doing desserts on my own for almost a year. He insists that I have no idea what I'm doing and does it himself upon showing me what to do. My initial thought was always, "why am I even here if you're just going to do my job for me"?

I used to keep my phone on me, and only use it to text my boss, but he would always yell at me, even after I told him who i'm talking to.  So, I started leaving my phone in the office, and once in a while going to check it - obviously not when it's busy, and he was still upset. So I started using my phone only on break.

To reiterate recent events and Facebook posts; he has gone behind my back to upper management - my director - saying that I don't wash my hands prior to working be it the beginning of the day, after break - what have you. On this day, I saw in the head chef's office - where I always chill on my break. I was done all the things I needed to have done, along with things for the next day that he should be doing, but he wrote on my list. I was in the office for longer than an hour - scheduled break time allotted. He harranged me asking if my break was done yet, and that he's pretty sure it had been over an hour. I was asked to organize the freezer. From the office I put on my jacket, and using my sleeves to cover my hands with lack of gloves; opened the door and began rearranging what needed to be. He came left and returned saying that he never sees me wash my hands and that he had no choice but to tell the director. [1] I did not touch any food. [2] After the freezer, when I did have to handle food, I put on gloves because I have an allergy. After that, I washed my hands. After he was done for the day he rushed out, without saying anything to me.

Today, there was a pretty big snow storm. It is still snowing outside, right now. I live about 2 hours away from Oak Ridges on a good day. With all this snow, it took me four hours to get in. I made it known to everyone that it took me that much time to come in. Within two minutes of entering the kitchen and while talking to someone else about my travels, he interrupts her saying "ya she lives far from here" and proceeds to slam new rules and notices posted, at me. I was told that I can no longer keep my belongings in the office - where I always do - and I had to go downstairs and put it away. Did that, came back to my side of the line with a good 20 chits up. There was another girl working til I got there to cover me, and I browsed through the chits until he came and reiterated that I didn't wash my hands. He went on to say that he had a meeting with my boss and director and he told them that he never sees me wash my hands. My boss, tried to say that I do, cause he knows that I do, and he basically just over-ran my boss with his story. He said he's trying to be friendly with telling me, but it's up to me how I take it. I wish there was a way to describe how he talks.. it's like he's talking down to you ..

Our flattop is small, it's maybe, 2x2 ft and we only use half of it at a time. Majority of the orders I had, required me to use the flattop - eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus other orders, and not everything is readily available because the other chefs don't prep like I do there. I had a full flattop, orders waiting to be done and other things being made. A server came in saying that a resident was upset because they had waited a half hour for a grilled cheese sandwich. He, said that it had nothing to do with him, because it wasn't his side of the line. Already upset, I started crying, said I was going home and left. I was at work for 40 minutes after a 4 hour bus ride, transferring three buses. The ride back was no different.

I should mention, that between these two places, no one has a real problem with me except for him. Sure, I need to be reminded of things somethings, but everyone knows I work three jobs and work a minimum of two hours away.

So, I am shy one job and $600/month, because people are assholes.

Thank you to all the Oak Ridges crew, for almost everything..

Feb. 7th, 2013

[[ Photos: Emmure & Whitechapel - Feb.06.2013 ]]



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